Summer Memories

September 21, 2012

Summer time is the best and possibly my favorite season of the year.  But it's officially fall, and I couldn't be more excited for the pumpkin spice lattes, cool breeze, fall clothes and boots, and my favorite, the holiday decorations.  Of course, I love looking at pictures from the past few months to remember all the wonderful, crazy, and fun memories from this summer with my best friends.  From amazing music concerts to spontaneous Vegas trips, this has been my summer in a nutshell...

EDC 2012.
the start of our dayclub obsession.
morgan page.
six flags and pink capes.
cirque du soleil.
happy engagement, besty.
#front & #center
mission: get t-shirts.
groupie mustache party.
the do over.
freaks of nature tour.
floor tickets at kaskade.
beach cuddle session.
smang it, girl.
we're cute and cheesy.
#soloyolo #doubleyolo #partypeopleyolo
it's 10 AM...want to go to Vegas?
group therapy with the raging penguin.

Write your Life Story

September 8, 2012

Anyone that knows me...knows how much I love birthdays! I believe that your birthday is a true celebration - it's not something to dread, but rather a time to embrace and reflect back on all of your accomplishments in one year.  With my birthday coming up, I realized more and more that life is what you make of it.

onto another amazing birthday & year with my favorite ladies <3

When writing your life's story, don't let someone else hold the pen for you.  You're in complete control, so make choices and set goals that align with your values and dreams. You are the writer of your own life - the way you live each day is another sentence in your story...
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