7 Days of Happiness

September 10, 2013

It's really easy to get caught up and often forget what's important in the world. We can all get complacent, take things for granted, and become less motivated through work, fitness or even relationships. Lately, I've been in a little rut, and realized that the easiest way to reach your own happiness is to simply take a moment to breathe and to be thankful. During the week, dedicate some time to creating your own happiness...

Monday - Make an appointment with yourself and schedule a ME day. The beginning of the week is perfect to schedule time for yourself. Whether it be reading a novel, hitting the gym, or treating yourself to a shopping spree or to a nice restaurant, it's important to set aside some time for yourself.

Tuesday - Reach out to an old Friend. We can all get stuck in our daily routines and rarely have time to connect with friends that we may not have heard from or seen in weeks. By a simple phone call or meet for happy hour, it will make you more social and happier by being around the people you love.

Wednesday - Relax. By midweek, you're already exhausted and will not want to do anything but relax in front of a TV. Well, do it. This Wednesday, allow yourself to let go and enjoy a bowl of ice cream, while catching up on your favorite shows for the week.

Thursday - Try Something New. Educate yourself and learn something new and outside of the box. Shop for new vegetables and fruits that you've never eaten before, or clothes that you've never thought would work on you. Take a new exercise class. Attend a music concert or visit an exhibit at a museum. All of these experiences will open your eyes to a new world, and you'll be happy to learn something new.

Friday - Do something to make others Smile. To kick off the weekend, think about doing something special for a friend, family, or your significant other. Whether it's reminding them that you love them through a note on the counter or a text message, or picking up a latte for your loved one in the morning, the little things matter most and will definitely bring a smile to someone's face - bringing you happiness within yourself.

Saturday - Get Some Fresh Air. Break away from your normal gym routine, and take your workout outside. Hiking, kayaking, cycling, or paddle-boarding are all great ways to get fresh air, while still burning calories for a healthy lifestyle.

Sunday - Give Thanks. There are many things that can irritate and bother me, like traffic during rush hour or a messy room, but we all need to take a moment to put our lives into perspective because there are so many things to be thankful for. Let Sundays be an "unplug' day, where you'll stop responding to work emails and detach yourself from your cell phone. At least, TRY IT :)



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