Twenty-Four Things...

October 4, 2012

my beautiful & loving friends.
This past weekend was my 24th birthday CLEbrations!  I am forever thankful to be surrounded by family and friends that love me for who I am and for all the birthday love and wishes.

Now that I'm one year older and slightly (ok, maybe not) wiser, I realized that life is the most beautiful gift anyone can have.  I have so many wonderful people and so many amazing memories and experiences to be thankful for. With twenty-four being the perfect number, I thought to make a list of 24 things that make me happiest.

1. My family - for their constant love and continuous support in everything I do
2. Traveling and learning about the different cultures in the world
3. Brightening someone's day, even in the smallest and simplest way
4. My friends - for always knowing what to say when I'm sad or even when I'm happy
5. My dog, Brady, is the best cuddle buddy, hands down!
6. Whether it is going to hot yoga or running, I love a great work-out
7. Dreaming big, and then accomplishing my goals
8. Moving to Los Angeles with my best friend
9. Going to Disneyland
10. Having monthly Besty dinner dates
11. Spontaneous trips and getaways to San Diego or Vegas
12. Trying new restaurants and enjoying a great meal with a friend
13. Movie nights with my parents when I visit home
14. Getting pampered and shopping sprees with my mom
15. Meeting and having great conversations with new people
16. Writing great pitches and landing coverage for my clients
17. Going to shows and dancing with my best friends
18. A glass of wine or happy hour after a stressful day
19. Reading to learn more and educate myself to be a smarter individual
20. When I inspire people around me
21. Seeing my family and friends happy
22. Decorations during the Holidays
23. Being silly and laughing with my close girl friends
24. Most importantly, living my life to the fullest

birthday dinner at eveleigh in west hollywood.
it's not a birthday without a free cake.
supperclub with these beauties.
blow the whistle CLEbrations.
It's your turn! Make a list of a few things that make you happy, that make you proud, or even a list of what you're thankful for - I promise, you'll be smiling at the end of it. Thank you to everyone that made this a wonderful year and a memorable birthday weekend. 



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