Grand Velas Riviera Maya

April 6, 2016

After a night in Tulum, we drove up to Riviera Maya where we stayed at the Grand Velas, one of the luxury all-inclusive resorts in the Mexican Caribbean. They have several locations so if you ever have the chance to do so, I definitely recommend the stay!

Of course one of the most unfortunate things that could happen while you're on vacation actually happened to us. We got food poisoning from lunch in Tulum and were out of commission for a full day, so we didn't explore Riviera Maya as much as we had wanted. On the bright side, we were at a beautiful all-inclusive resort and managed to enjoy some sun poolside.

The resort is without a doubt gorgeous and my favorite part of our entire stay was their world-class Spa. First, you arrive an hour prior to your treatment and begin the "Riviera Maya Water Journey" where they guide you through a hydrotherapy circuit including a clay room, ice room and several others that features aromatic essences and hot stones. Then, you have your treatment which I can't even begin to describe how incredible my massage was. I've truly never felt so relaxed and at peace after a massage before this one. The entire experience was pure bliss and you really embark on a journey into their culture.

On our last day, we decided to wake up early to enjoy some quiet moments on the beach and have breakfast before heading back home. We got a new camera lens so we had some fun with it but these pictures really do not do the Grand Velas Riviera Maya justice. I hope you get a chance to check it out someday!



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