32 Hours in Tulum

March 9, 2016

Back at it, again...with Mexico! Tulum has been on my travel wishlist for a while now, so I was thrilled that we made a stop before heading to Riviera Maya. Even though we only stayed for one night, I fell in love with Tulum and its young, bohemian, yogi vibe and energy throughout town.

We took a red-eye flight into Cancun and then traveled an hour to our airbnb (Los Amigos) which was perfectly situated right in the jungle, next to downtown. Tulum isn't very large so getting around town was easy - as long as you have a bike, you are set. As soon as we dropped off our luggage, we grabbed some bikes and headed into town. But first, coffee...so we stopped at Ki bok along the way for a latte and then made our way to the Mayan Ruins. As you bike further, you embark upon a stunning coastline welcoming you with a wave of serenity AKA paradise AKA Playa Paraiso. We found a bar/restaurant on the beach where we spent most of our day sunbathing and playing in the water while a DJ played music in the background. The crystal clear water and the down-to-earth vibe you get from the locals you meet will just blow you away.

From it's soft white sand, turquoise-blue ocean, and balmy breezes, I can definitely see how Tulum has become one of Mexico's top beaches and most stylish beach destination. You really can't get a beautiful beach right next to the Mayan ruins anywhere else.

The coffee shops, bars and restaurants are beyond - I recommend getting a reservation at Hartwood (check out my post here) when in Tulum. It was hands-down the best meal I've ever had while traveling. The entire meal was delicious, the conversation boisterous and it was the perfect evening with great company. We then walked over to Gitano for a drink, and the place is gorgeous - it's the spot to go when you want a cocktail and party under a disco ball in the jungle.

Every little corner you turned in Tulum was colorful and picture perfect, it was really hard to not take pictures of everything. Tulum has easily become one of my favorite towns in Mexico and I can't wait to go back - it's really that amazing.

Riviera Maya post to come!!



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