Keep Going.

March 5, 2012

Spring is just around the know what that means. Warm weather, bright clothes, and fun adventures in Sunny California. This also's time to get in shape for POOL SEASON!  How do I motivate myself to go to the gym? Well, this is what works for me.

Weekly exercise schedule
Cardio - 60 minutes/at least 5 times a week
Strength Training - 30 minutes/3 times a week
Corepower Hot Yoga-Sculpt - 60 minutes/at least 4 times a week

Find the right workout for you.  I enjoy running - it's the perfect way to clear my mind.  Whether it's my favorite Hot Yoga class or an hour doing cardio at the gym, it's important to find a workout that I love. The gym is my time to escape from the stress and worries in life.
Buy New Clothes.  Shopping can always make a girl happy. So why not buy cute clothes to show off at the gym? My favorite store for all my fitness gear is Lululemon.  I get so excited to buy new clothes, and I promise you - gym clothes are just as exciting.  Plus, you'll love the way you look at the gym!
Listen to Good Music.  I update my gym playlist on a weekly basis, so that I'm never bored with my music.  I may be the only girl in the gym dancing on the treadmill, but hey, you burn more calories! I call it Treadmill Dancing...try it :D
Bring a Good Read.  Whether it's a good book or a few magazines, you'll never have a boring workout.  I love spending time at the gym to catch up on my entertainment and celebrity gossip - whoops, I am a sucker for those tabloids!

I hope that helps.  It's a new month, so go and start it off right! What motivates you to get fit?



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