The Golden Year

October 16, 2015

This year, I turned 27 on the 27th - a golden birthday that I was really excited to celebrate! I'll admit that I'm a little obsessive when it comes to birthdays, whether it's for myself, family or friends...I believe that the whole month should be a celebration. You'd think since I'm now approaching my "late 20s," the excitement would die out but I was actually happy to become one year older, wiser, and braver. Birthdays have always been a great time to reflect on the year, and this year was no different for me.

I've learned a lot about myself this year alone, and I really believe it's through these experiences that I'm able to grow. One being that I left my dream job at one of the best PR companies in the country to fulfill a passion and explore other opportunities. My parents would argue that it wasn't the best decision to leave a great job and not have an opportunity lined up, but it happened and I definitely do not regret it. I spent the next month of "funemployment" going to yoga everyday, enjoying moments where I can actually do personal things for myself, spending quality time with friends and family, and truly just living and focusing on my own happiness. Through this entire experience, I've learned that it's OK to be uncomfortable - even when you want to cave to your insecurities and give up -  I had to remember to keep pushing and to be open of the unknown. Being uncomfortable creates change, and that change helps you grow and allows you to try something new that you never thought would be an option. A year ago I wouldn't be able to handle not knowing my next move, but now, I try to embrace the moments where I can leave my comfort zone and explore this crazy roller-coaster called life.

Of course, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without the support and love from my bestest friends, boyfriend, and family. So, thank you all (you know who you are) for always being there for me, and for C.LEbrating yet another birthday with me! We make a mean charcuterie plate :D



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